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"Hitze und Geschmeidigkeit - Ein Jubiläumskonzert für Ingolf Burkhardt", (Tom R. Schulz, Hamburger Abendblatt, 15.04.2015)

"Hammoors Star-Trompeter stiftet Musikpreis", (Cetin Yaman, Hamburger Wochenblatt, 13.11.2013)


"Wie man das Publikum schwindelig spielt", (Christian Strehk, Kieler Nachrichten, 18.06.2013)

Spektrum Kieler Nachrichten

"A Symphony for Ingolf Burkhardt", (Cetin Yaman, Hamburger Wochenblatt, 12.06.2013)

"In love with the trumpet and musical Hammoor", (Jens Peter Meier, Stormarner Tageblatt, 12.06.2013)

„This man spreads good mood. Incredibly good mood in fact. The way he comes forward from the back of the stage: Every step swinging. The trumpet hanging from his arm. A cheeky grin spreads across this boyish face. Ingolf Burkhardt live on stage: Every time a great moment in the German jazz scene. More of it, please!" (Uwe Killing)

"Full of concentration, Ingolf Burkhardt takes off. The solo is right on the money, his embouchure razor sharp. This is precision at work. But cheerful spontaneity is there as well. It penetrates the rich melodic lines, helping to shape each note and fill the empty space. Yeah, this guy likes to play. It doesn't matter if it's a club date with his own quartet or solo number 6534 on a long tour with the NDR Big Band." (Uwe Killing)

"Top grade for Burkhardt" (Handelsblatt, 22./23.08.2003)

"A record that invites to listen and discover. Thrilling!" (Jazzdimensions, 17.09.2003)

"The borders between cheerfulness and aspiration melt away, and of course Ingiolf stays the front man on stage with his remarkable talent for entertainment." (Jazzthetik, 09.2003)

" youthful and diverse, multistylistic and tradition-concious." (JazzThing, 09.2003)

"Precise and cheerful" (Lübecker Nachrichten, 20.05.2003)

"Real professionals in a state of exception" (Kieler Nachrichten, 20.10.2001)

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