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Ingolf Burkhardt endows music award

As from 2014 the renowned music contest of the Landesmusikrat Hamburg will bestow the Ingolf-Burkhardt-Award to outstanding soloists. Name giver Burkhardt explains the idea behind this new music award: Besides perfect interplay, is the most important feature of jazz. Therefor musicians should be motivated to more often solo extemporarily. According to Burkhardt expression and originality are most important – and who could know this better than the NDR Big Band trumpeter himself?

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Ingolf Burkhardt and the Philharmonic Orchestra Kiel

What a special honor for Ingolf! He performed a trumpet concerto, commissioned by the Philharmonic Orchestra Kiel, at the Kieler Schloss on June, 16th and 17th, 2013. The concerto was composed for him by Jörg Achim Keller and was conducted by GMD Georg Fritzsch.

Great newspaper articles about Ingolf and "his" symphony: "A Symphony for Ingolf Burkhardt" (Cetin Yaman, Hamburger Wochenblatt, 12.06.2013) and "In love with his trumpet and musical Hammor" (Stormarner Tageblatt, Jens Peter Meier, 12.06.2013).


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